WHY should I see Attorney Diane DePascale ?

You will feel better when you know your rights and your options.
You will feel more in control when you have a plan to reach your goals.

You can escape the confusion caused by friends and family who have strong,
yet different opinions and, rely instead on the advice of an attorney
with 34 years of experience in family law throughout Ohio,
Board certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as a Specialist in Family Relations Law.

You will decide what information you need now.
You may choose the topic and, we'll begin our conversation there.


Your case is unique. You deserve to be treated as such,
while learning of results obtained in other cases with similar problems

Your values and your priorities matter.

You will be counseled, guided and, well prepared for every hearing.

You will be kept fully informed of all communications with opposing counsel and of all that is said in Pretrial conferences.

Diane Kappeler DePascale

Diane Kappeler DePascale, J.D.

Attorney and Counselor at Law