Instructions other Ohio Counties

The links listed below will take you directly to each of the forms you will need in all other Ohio counties.

Please read the the section titled First Office Conference before attempting to fill out any of these forms

Type your information on the form, then print it.
It is most important that page 1 be typed.

Don't change the caption: _________v.________
If the first document filed listed you as the Defendant, you are still the Defendant.
If the first document filed used your old/former name, you may add: (Now _______).

To get a Divorce or Dissolution in any other county, in Ohio:

-- Affidavit of Income and Expenses (IF any # is your best estimate, type est.)

-- Affidavit of Property

IF you and your spouse are parents of child(ren):

-- Parenting Proceeding Affidavit

You may complete those forms and, bring them with you. I'll help you with any questions about which you are unsure.

Diane Kappeler DePascale

Diane Kappeler DePascale, J.D.

Attorney and Counselor at Law